Please address all queries to:

Accepting queries for fiction and creative nonfiction. Please include a cover letter with a synopsis of the story. The synopsis should include word count and genre of the completed work. Include first five pages of the manuscript in the body of the email. Any emails containing attachments will be deleted.

In the subject line, include the genre so we can make sure the correct acquisition editor.

We only accept queries by email, NO snail mail.

All queries should include:

A pitch for the book:
Information about you and writing background if you have one;
The first three to five pages of the manuscript pasted into the email.

All information must be in the email, as we do NOT open attachments and we do NOT click on links.

The query letter is a short pitch (equivalent to one page, about three to six paragraphs).


You must have a completed manuscript before contacting us, unless you have at least two novels published. Novels are to be 70,000 words or longer but not to exceed 100,000 words unless otherwise agreed upon. Novella’s are also accepted from 14,000 words to 69,000 for a novella plus. Novella’s will only be available in electronic format unless otherwise agreed upon.

Don’t give a synopsis of the whole book—just write a pitch a couple of paragraphs long, designed to make us want to read your book.

Don’t include any attachments to the email—they won’t be opened. Please also refrain from asking us to click on a link to find out more. If you have a link to your website in your signature line, and we are interested in your query, we might click on it.

Please remember this is your first writing sample and it may be your only chance to WOW us… so write your query accordingly. There are numerous books, websites, and blogs on how to write great queries. Include word number, genre, personal information relevant to being an author such as awards or published pieces.

If we are interested in your project, we’ll respond by requesting a proposal, a partial or a full manuscript. You will be expected to send it via email in a single Word attachment.

We DO accept simultaneous submissions.


We do not take unsolicited pitches by phone.

Always make sure your e-mail address and phone number are clearly visible no matter what you are sending.

We do NOT accept snail mail queries. Email only.

When you send email attachments in response to our request, please consolidate into ONE attachment. Don’t have separate chapters in separate files.

Don’t give a synopsis of the whole book – just write a pitch a couple of paragraphs long, designed to make us want to read your book.

No non fiction at this time.

Thanks for considering Eclectic Press!